About Us

 Who is Slurp-C? 

Slurp-C is owned and operated by Phil Darrin and Bayleigh Walburn; two previous students from the Green River College Marketing and Entrepreneurship Bachelor’s degree program in Kent, WashingtonPhil and Bayleigh were part of a four member team while in their program which consisted of; Phil, Bayleigh, Krystall, and Milana. Slurp-C Straws came about from the group’s hard work and dedication to come up with the most original and unique “Venture Launch” capstone product the college has ever seen. They combined their experiences and their educations to create the most unique straw ever which resulted in them winning the top honors in their cohort of students.
The Slurp-C Straw is a two-piece silicone straw that separates like a piece of string cheese and snaps back together like a sandwich bag. This allows the straw to be taken apart for a complete cleaning of the interior and exterior of the straw.. This straw is like no other straw you have ever used before.
Slurp-C Straws, Separating the mess from the straw.